Residency Program

Curator Residency


We are delighted to announce the winning project of our 2017 Curator Residency Program. After a careful selection, we have chosen the project by Dana Kopel (USA). We aim to support more projects next year. Thank you to all the applicants for your time and dedication. Congratulations to the winner; more details of the project will follow.


Celaya Brothers Gallery (CBG) calls for national and international  curators and Art critics to develop a open theme exhibition to present in the CBG space in 2017.


Applicants: national and international curators and Art critics

Submission deadline: October 31, 2016

Format: electronic delivery

Results: November 4, 2016

Awards: the selected projects will be developed in CBG and presented as part of its annual exhibition program.


Residents have the opportunity to develop their work by interacting with Mexico City’s citizens and experimenting with its environment. They will discover Mexico’s contemporary art scene – mainstream and alternative – to develop their research, offering innovative, critical approaches. CBG is in charge of organizing visits and meetings with artists, curators, collectors, museums and galleries in Mexico City for the resident curator.


Grant / Exchange

A round-trip airplane ticket (up to $1,000 usd). CBG will not cover any flight changes once the flight itinerary is confirmed by the resident.

$3,000 MXN for travel expenses (i.e food, taxis, etc.)

Studio space

One month housing in a comfortable private bedroom that WIFI and a multi-purpose room:

Art Production Fund

Budget of up to $30,000 MXN** for the shipping of the artworks to be exhibited.  **The money will be recovered from the first artworks sold.


The resident curator will have to donate a curatorial text on one of the artists represented by CBG, which will be published at the end of the year.


This is an open and confidential call. The results will be determined by the gallery founders.


Curators and Art Critics with more than 2 years of professional experience can participate. Each applicant may submit only one proposal.

The applicants for both the Artistic and Curator Residency Programs, will have to submit a 2 page proposal explaining the general concept of the exhibition. This statement should address their knowledge of said concept as well as their expectations on how the Program will expand their existing body of work and enhance their professional development.

There are no restrictions regarding themes or mediums. There are certain security conditions on the use of the gallery. The proposal should consider the physical limitations of the exhibition space. See the PDF with the plan and photos of the gallery at CBG_espaciodeexposiciones

The proposal should be comprised of unreleased and unpublished works.

The exhibition should be planned for a duration of 6 to 7 weeks.

The following information must be submitted:

Curriculum Vitae

A list of tentative artists including:

  • Name
  • Nationality and Country of Residence
  • Artist Statement of each artist
  • Curriculum Vitae of each artist
  • Up to 5 images portraying the work or artistic practice of each artist


The submission consists of a single PDF, no larger than 15 MB.

Only the projects submitted within the deadline and including all requirements will be considered.  

The official language for the open call is Spanish, however English submissions are accepted for international applicants.

Submit information to:

Víctor Celaya, Founder:  

Ricardo Celaya, Founder:  

Jimena López, Manager:  


The applicants must maintain confidentiality regarding their proposals until the publication of the results is made. The intellectual property of the projects will be maintained by the applicants. The exhibition and publication rights of the proposals will be shared with CBG.


The proposals for the open call must be submitted before 23:59 (Mexico City time) on October 31, 2016. Proposals received after this time will not be accepted.


The selection process is virtual. It is possible for the directors to request a meeting with the applicants before publishing the results.


The results will be published on on November 4, 2016 during the course of the day. The selected applicants will receive more details two months prior to the start of their residency.


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