Untergrund Metro by Juan Pablo de la Vega

Curated by Andrea Valencia

January 5 – 27, 2017

To transit, shift, transport, travel, move. The subway is responsible for the daily mobilization of millions of people around the world. With more than a century of existence, its users circulate on these transportation means, spending much of their time in cars and stations.

Juan Pablo de la Vega (Mexico City, 1986) registers the Berlin subway platforms at times when the usually crowded sites are rather empty, losing their primary function as transit areas to become destinations themselves. Symmetry, depth and perspective, these elements reveal architectural phenotypes that have a hint of nostalgia.

The deconstruction of these spaces means eliminating the passers-by to evidence cultural signs. Despite being temporary sites for its users and a territory that at first appears as neutral and passive, we notice that they are spaces that transform them into consumers, victims of violence or art viewers. In this photography series, de la Vega offers us the possibility to observe and be present in spaces where we otherwise transit automatically.

Juan Pablo de la Vega (Mexico City, 1986) specializes in photography and new media. His work aims to reconsider and deconstruct the purpose of technology to have a critical approach in a world where decisions rely on an environment that grows rapidly and does not have the ability to analyze its philosophical and cultural implications at the same speed.

Juan Pablo de la Vega studied Applied Maths with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. He later studied Photography and a Master’s in Interactive Media. Currently he is collaborating with artists and photographers such as Emilio Chapela and Yvonne Venegas.



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