Topografías Insostenibles by Camila Rodrigo

Curated by Jorge Villacorta

April 20 – June 10, 2017

Camila Rodrigo’s recent works articulate visual and spatial situations that are strained by the uses and abuses of man in the material world. Rodrigo’s interest has shifted towards the obsessive recognition of this mark’s invasive interventions, through the aggregation and manipulation of manufactured elements.

There is a state of previous imbalance that her perception detects and that hinders the understanding of how the coexistence of unified things might occur. Nothing flows in these liquid times: everything trickles away. New rhythms constantly strike and overlap pre-existing ones, and create transformations that go from physical changes to mental projections. We live among depths, perforations, containment, produced by our imagination, drawn from what we increasingly identify  as foreign in the world.

Rodrigo’s gaze covers the result of erosion, of what we consider “natural,” and gathers data with which she later creates new topographies. She identifies outlines that – while remaining distinctive of the matter – can be interpreted as arbitrary, incomprehensible, disjointed from our daily life.

Current mentalities seek to comprehend the strata of what is real without mapping the interpenetration of the sustainable and unsustainable. Without specifying areas of precise meaning, Camila Rodrigo’s artworks rely on sculpture, photography and photocopy to install an intentionally incomplete system, marked by gaps and voids, to simulate an unlearning process.

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About the curator

Jorge Villacorta (Lima, Peru, 1958) is an art critic and independent curator. He has a degree in Genetics from the University of York, UK. He has developed his scientific activity along with his investigation of contemporary visual arts. He was professor of History of Photography at the Gaudi Institute and Centro de la Imagen. For more than ten years, he has taught Art and Communication for the Graduate Program at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. Villacorta has curated multiple exhibitions and biennials in Lima and abroad including the II Biennial of Photography in Lima, Documents: Three Decades of Peruvian Photography 1960-1990 co-curated with Natalia Majluf at the Lima Museum of Art; Herbert Rodríguez: Retrospective of Alternative Art in Lima 1979-1997 at the Cultural Center of the PUCP, and The Labyrinth of Choledad at the Spanish Cultural Center of Lima. He has worked as an art gallery consultant, director of cultural associations and spaces, such as the Quidam Cultural Action Association and Luis Miró Cultural Space in Lima. He is the co-founder and academic director of the cultural organization Alta Tecnología Andina (ATA). He currently lives and works in Lima.

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