TIEMPO | Colectiva No.2

Juan Carlos Coppel, Isabella Huffington, and Arturo Muela

August 27 – September 26, 2016

Time is an indecipherable concept. We know that it consistently goes by and that it inevitably changes everything around us. It surpasses us. We cannot slow it down nor contain it, but we like to think that we can seize it in order to preserve the essence of the moment. We attempt to control it under such terms as years, days and hours. We think we understand it in the past, accept it in the present, and disclaim it in the future.

From the agricultural fields of Sonora to the New York City frenzy and Beijing’s saturation, artists Juan Carlos Coppel, Isabella Huffington and Arturo Muela invite us to perpetuate a fragment of time from different contexts, confirming its irrevocable course. Coppel’s photographs portray the scars of the land caused by erosion, transforming its fertility over time. Muela’s installation of encapsulated drawings reminds us that our existence is but a brief progression of instants inserted in a complex and infinite web. The thoroughness of Huffington’s collages allows us to appreciate how each piece is placed in its due time.

Submerged in our everyday lives, it is hard to perceive the significant changes of the moment and their subtle differences. We need to take a step back and appreciate the detail and thus comprehend the entirety of the process. From Mexico to the United States and China, the three artists invite us to step out of our routine and immerse ourselves in the moment. They remind us that time has its own destiny.

Text by Jimena López


Juan Carlos Coppel


Isabella Huffington


Arturo Muela

About the artists

Juan Carlos Coppel (Tucson, USA, 1986) read more

Isabella Huffington (Los Angeles, USA, 1991) became interested in the accessibility of the arts while studying Art History. The development of her artistic production revolves around the public, being her objective to create empathy and bonds between the viewer and the artwork by introducing everyday objects in recognizable compositions. Through collages and mixed media, Huffington addresses cultural and political issues such as gender parity, the impact of social media, and the electoral processes, among others. Her work has been exhibited in galleries around the United States and in Mexico.

Arturo Muela (Mexico City, Mexico, 1986) started his art studies in the 2002 experimenting with art techniques such as drawing, engraving, painting, and sculpture. By the year 20, 5 he began his professional studies in architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. His first public art piece was exhibited and acquired by the government of Victoria City, Tamaulipas during his professional education. Arturo Muela’s first individual exposition took place in Torreón, Coahuila in 2010. A year later he exhibited with a group of artist for the Cultural Promotional Program sponsored by the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores. The artist’s first international exhibition was performed at the Red Door Gallery in Hong Kong, China in 2013. The next year he went to Beijing, China and stayed for a residency at the Red Door Gallery, since then lives and works in China.

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