September 4 – October 2, 2014

Christiaan Conradie (Johannesburg, 1984) remains faithful to his own truth and encounter with the arts.

His work relies on a creative, and to the viewer, sensitizing process that turns his ideas into creation. The ocean, surfing, music and his admiration for excellence in various creative fields are part of the experience that crafts his ideas and makes them tangible. His creative output is manifested in various forms: urban art, photography, drawing, installation, but above of all, painting.

An example he often uses to describe his creative process is that of giving a person CPR, “the moment I feel like I’ve breathed enough life into a piece, I leave it to live on its own.” That halo of life, that breeze, is what the artist presents in the exhibition This is the wind & this is the breeze, which encompasses his versatility and prolific work.

Christiaan invites the spectator to participate emotionally in his works, confronting him with disproportion, decomposition, provoking him to complete what is presented to him as a suggestion, a fragment. As the viewer observes the piece, it is allowed to reach its culminating point of existence.

Christiaan Conradie was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. At the age of three his family relocated to the coastal city of Cape Town and it didn’t take him long to develop a deep love for the ocean as he grew up surfing around the beautiful beaches of the Cape peninsula.

He started painting at a young age and first began exhibiting in local galleries at the age of 19 whilst studying art direction and design. After a 2 year stint in advertising he left the industry behind to focus on his painting. Christiaan has since exhibited internationally including a solo show in Barcelona, Spain in 2012 and his work is housed in private colections worldwide. Surfing, travel and music is what inspires him most.

He is currently based in Mexico City, and true to his character is unsure of how long he’ll be there for. “I’m not sure which way the wind might blow me, but for now I’m enjoying all the opportunities and the people here in Mexico, I just need to get down beach.” He is is part of the  RVCA Artist Network Program (ANP) which aims to showcase the talent of accomplished as well as unknown artists who inspire new generations.

Solo exhibitions


Celaya Brothers Gallery | This is the wind & this is the breeze | Mexico City, Mexico
Rust en Vrede Gallery | Love before breakfast | Cape Town, South Africa


Casa Verdi | Los otros y Anne | Barcelona, Spain

Group exhibitions


CUATRO IGUAL A UNO | Celaya Brothers Gallery | Mexico City, Mexico


Salon 91 | Home is wherever I’m with you | Cape Town, South Africa
White Spider | Sin sweet songs of conviction | Mexico City, Mexico
Myl Arte Contemporáneo | Códigos Animalistas | Mexico City, Mexico
Galería JLS – Valle de Bravo, México


Searle Street Post | Last Minute | Cape Town, South Africa
Tjing Tjing Exchange | A group show | Cape Town, South Africa
Spencer Street Studios | Last Minute | Cape Town, South Africa
Salon 91 | Impression Sunset | Cape Town, South Africa
A Word of Art | The Space Between | Cape Town, South Africa
Salon 91 | I’d rather be swimming | Cape Town, South Africa

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