Paesaggi Industriali by Sten Lex

May 7 – June 7, 2015

In Paesaggi Industriali, Sten Lex work with their iconic geometrical structures, meticulously constructed in a logical and precise manner. The artworks, composed of lines that resemble labyrinths or industrial landscapes, are created with a technique the artists call “Stencil Poster.” This process modifies the traditional style used in street art by creating paper matrixes stuck to the surface they work on and later cut, creating a stencil. They then cover it completely with paint and remove the mold, oftentimes leaving parts of it hanging from the finished piece. Hence, the destruction of the matrix is part of the creation process of the piece, bestowing its uniqueness.

Contrasting these large architectural artworks, Sten Lex exhibit a collection of dark silhouettes created from free hand cut outs drawn on paper and contained in glass. Through their shadow, these pieces project an organic image, altered by the changing light.

Thus the artists study both the logic and chaos of the lines, textures and figures of the creative process, using adhesion as an uncontrollable element that alters the rigid structures and jointly creates a contained chaos by enclosing light strokes within strict borders.






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