Haciéndome el loco by 3TTMAN

November 13 – December 13, 2014

3ttman is the three-headed alter ego of Louis Lambert (Lille, 1978), French artist living in Spain since 2001. His character, which he began painting in the streets of Lille in 1999, represents – according to the artist -– the profound  complexity of humans and the various view points that emerge from a single situation. He lives by the motto of being an “Environmental Agitator” who creates, feels and acts consciously, but who oftentimes prefers “to act crazy.”

For artist 3ttman, to be aware of the true meaning of his presence on this earth is essential. How it in turn affects it is genuinely unfathomable. “Wasting water, killing and cruelty towards animals, pollution, deforestation… It is impossible not to be affected by all these misfortunes that humans are producing, but it is even harder to solve them as isolated individuals… Hence, I simply act crazy.

On the one hand, we encounter the most profound feeling a human being can experience, the  drive that incites us to care for our surroundings, to modify our destructive patterns, transcend to become better human beings. Through his art, 3ttman transmits the message; he persuades the spectator, confronts him. He encourages the viewer to reflect on the purpose of humans on this earth through colors and dynamic compositions.

This exhibition portrays the need that both the artist and the viewer have, to safeguard the much-needed purity, not to fall into fatalism, and to enjoy the everyday magic of life. It truly is necessary to act crazy.





Solo Exhibitions

2014 | Haciéndome el loco | Celaya Brothers Gallery, Mexico City

2011 | Du coq à l’âne | DELIMBO ARTSPACE, Sevilla, Spain

2010 | Louis Lambert  | UBS, Madrid, Spain

2008 | Nature Mortes | Montana Gallery, Sevilla, Spain

2008 | Urban portrait | Rialto, Rome

2005 | 3ttman, Subaquatica | Madrid, Spain

Group Exhibitions

2011 | Las 7 diferencias | Iam Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2011 | ARCO, El País, Madrid, Spain

2010 | The Fantastic 4 | Pure Evil Gallery, London

2009 | Ship of Fools gallery, Denhaag, Netherlands

2008 | Art is all over | Madrid Tentaciones, Madrid, Spain

2007 | Collective exhibition | Luís Adelantado, Valencia, Spain

2007 | Cocido Madrileño | Rojo Máquina, Madrid, Spain

2006 | Exposición con Remed | Montana Gallery, Sevilla, Spain

2006 | Pseudo | Colisée, Lambersart, France

Other Projects and Murals

2015 | Mirages | Bien Urbain Fest, Besancon, France

2015 | Travail Family Party | Bien Urbain Fest, Besancon, France

2015 | The Evolution Chain | Festival PopUp, Ancona, Rome

2014 | La Chute | Usera, Madrid, Spain

2014 | Artmossphere Biennale, Moscow, Rusia

2014 | Cosmic Chapel | Villa Ocupada Project, Nantes, France

2014 | Los Magos | MUECA Fest, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain

2014 | Cement Rosace | Delimbo Gallery, Sevilla, Spain

2013 | Scale of Power |Urban Forms Foundationm Fest, Lodz, Poland

2013 | A Di Citta Fest, Italy

2013 | StreetKit Fest, Moscow, Rusia

2013 | Living Walls Fest, Atlanta, USA

2013 | Biennale Internationale d’art, Lille, France

2013 | Fighting peacefully,  Tenerife, Spain

2012 | Mother Nature is Being Mugged | Desordes Creativas Fest, Galicia, Spain

2012 | Лучший город земли Fest, Moscow

2012 | Fill in the Blanks | Madrid, Spain

2012 | Sarajevo City of Hope | Vijecnica Library, Sarajevo, Spain

2012 | Illegals Constructions | Spain

2011 | Xeex Pollution | Dakar, Senegal

2011 | Invited artist, Muralissimo, Kiev, Rusia

2011 | Invited artist, Greenpeace, Almeria, Spain

2011 | Invited artist, Sexto Asalto, Zaragoza, Spain

2011 | Winner for the award “In-situ” at the Artaq Awards. www.artaq.com

2010 | Project manager at the Hanoi mosaic project sponsored by the Spain Embassy at Vietnam

2009 | Art project, Piñatas Paburrir, Mallorca. Fonart client

2009 | Image development, Cultura Urbana

2009 | Invited artist, Poliniza, Valencia, Spain

2008 | Invited artist,  Viva el vino, Aranda del Duero, Spain

2008 | Invited artist, Cultura Urbana, Madrid, Spain

2008 | Invited artist, Tate Modern at the show Long week-end Project, London

2008 | Image development and decoration manager, Vueling for MTV, Vueling Company.

2007 | Invited artist, Efímera, Madrid, Spain

2007 | Art maneger, La pasarela Cibeles, Madrid, Spain

2007 | Invited artist, Efímera, Madrid, Spain

2006 | Participation at the Eutopia 06, Cordoba, Spain

2005 | Invited artist, Aravaca Project, Spain

2004 | Invited artist, Braderie de l’art, Roubaix, France

Others projects

Professor at the Urban Art Workshop, Eutopia 2010, Cordoba, Spain.

Serigraphy professor at the  IED (European Design Institute). 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011.

Art and design lecturer at the Hanoi’s Arts Faculty, 2010.

Art and design lecturer at the Madrid’s Arts Faculty, 2009.


2000 – 2001 | Visual Communication and Webpage Development, Bradford College, UK

1997 – 2000 | Visual Communication, E.S.A.A.T (Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et du Textile) Roubaix France

1996 – 1997 | Illustration and design, Saint Luc, Tournai, Belgium

1995 – 1996 | Economic Sciences Baccalaureat, Liceo Saint Odile, Lille, France

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