February 25 – April 2, 2016

For the exhibition I Do Not Scream For An Audience, I Shout At The Holy, Canadian artist, Carlito Dalceggio, presents a series of rebel, multidisciplinary, profoundly spiritual and symbolic artworks. Butterfly wings, kites, peacock feathers, masks, organic motifs that remind us of Mexican popular art with a peculiar reminiscence of Picasso’s cubism, Rauschenberg’s abstract expressionism and Matisse’s primitivism. The explosion of color, the energetic compositions and the liberating gesture of the strokes awaken the senses, the instincts and the imagination. The pieces made by Carlito Dalceggio invite us to explore the hidden folds of our existence, to undertake a journey to the center of our own selves.

Through pictures, sounds and smells, the viewer is immersed in a mystical and liberating atmosphere where rivalries between light and darkness, noise and silence, order and chaos, are reconciled. I Do Not Scream For An Audience, I Shout At The Holy opens a poetic and sensual door through which primal energies, the forces of nature and the irrational flow; a channel through which we can access other forms of knowledge. This constitutes a world where the boundaries between artistic disciplines are diluted, ancestral cultures are celebrated and metaphors of transformation are created, both through technique and iconography.

Dalceggio reminds us of the bohemians that Balzac and Baudelaire spoke of; those characters with a wandering, nostalgic and cheerful existence, in search of social regeneration; romantic revolutionaries against the system. It is all about escaping from conformity, which is why this exhibition is not conceived as a mise-en-scène to merely entertain an audience, but as a ritual, a cry – of one and all – to liberate our spirits.

Text by Jimena López


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Carlito Dalceggio was born in Quebec, Canada in 1971. He was introduced to the art world by his father, who painted as a hobby. Carlito began to paint professionally at the age of 18, after a night of love with a special muse. Later, he got a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Quebec in Montreal. At 19, he founded Organic Fresh Heroes, with David Pelletier, and together they organized happenings, parties and art exhibitions in Montreal and Europe, including a happening at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Montreal. After closing that cycle, Carlito began to travel around the world to learn the art of other cultures, from Mauritania to Morocco, Bali, Mexico and Thailand. He created paintings and murals in those places, living a gypsy existence. In 1999, he founded Circo de Bakuza, a collective and “laboratory of existence” of artists based on the alchemic fusion of contemporary art and other forms of art and culture. With this circus, he created major events for Just for Laughs Festival, the world premiere Galas for Cirque du Soleil and many other special events. Simultaneously, he started to collaborate in several sculpture projects with his father, and on many films with different directors, always focused on spreading his vision through various mediums. In between travels, he  installed his studio in different cities: Montreal, Mexico City, Bali, New York and Paris, creating a bohemian spirit with local artists, accumulating collaborations in art, fashion, circus arts, photography, literature and film. Every city has provided him with an intense period of painting. In 2003 he started to exhibit his work in art galleries and fairs, in order to reach a larger audience. He has been commissioned to create large-scale pieces for international companies such as Cirque du Soleil and L’Oréal Canada, as well as restaurants and clubs throughout the globe. He recently founded a new art group, Secret Silk Society, with several artists from all over the world, looking for a new iconography with a revolutionary consciousness. He is also an active member of MU, a non-profit organization which supports and promotes public art in the greater Montreal region, whose mission is both artistic and social, as the project involves creating murals within and for local communities.


Solo exhibitions

2017 | I Do Not Scream for an Audience, I Shout at The Holy | Celaya Brothers Gallery | Roberto Garza Sada Center, Monterrey, Mexico

2016 | Children of Bohemia | Galerie C. O. A., Montreal, Canada

2015 | I Do Not Scream for an Audience, I Shout at The Holy | Celaya Brothers Gallery | Mexico City, Mexico

2014 | To Set Fire in the Heart of the World | Ricart Gallery | Miami, USA

2011 | Death of Lies | Ricart Gallery | Miami, USA

2011 | Semillas de Fuego | Mexican Consulate | Montreal, Canada

2010 | Fear of Death / Death of Fear | [sas] Gallery | Montreal, Canada

2009 | Kingdom of Visions | Arno Valere Art Gallery | Miami, USA

2008 | La Frontera de la Conciencia | Thompson Landry Gallery | Toronto, Canada

2008 | Secret Silk Society | Hotel W | Montreal, Canada

2008 | Anatomy of the Invisible | [sas] Gallery | Montreal, Canada

2006 | Art = Science + Intuition | ST-ART, European Contemporary Art Fair | Strasbourg, France

2006 | Passage du Retz | AOS | Paris, France

2006 | Art = Science + Intuition | [sas] Gallery | Montreal, Canada

2005 | Les muses | Atelier Media on Fire | Paris, France

2005 | Les muses | Bank OBC | Paris, France

2005 | Les muses | ST-ART, European Contemporary Art Fair | [sas] Gallery | Strasbourg, France

2005 | International contemporary art fair Shanghai | [sas] Gallery | Shanghai, China

2005 | Rewriting History | Lost Art Gallery | New York, USA

2005 | Xavier Séquier Gallery | Paris, France

2004 | Archéologie du Moment | [sas] Gallery | Montreal, Canada

2003 | Eroica-Erotica | Plaza de Toros Art Gallery, Montreal, Canada

2002 | Sofi Gallery | Miami Beach, USA

2002 | Opium Gallery, | Miami Beach, USA

2002 | Secret Alphabet | Lufthaus Gallery | Montreal, Canada

2001 | The Formula of the movement is to never stop | Lufthaus Gallery | Montreal, Canada

2001 | Color Prophecies | Lufthaus Gallery | Montreal, Canada

2000 | To transform America into beautiful euphoria | Skylight 6 Gallery | New York, USA

2000 | Maharaja in Bakuza | Skylight 6 Gallery | New York, USA

2000 | Objects in the sky are closer than they appear | Skylight 6 Gallery | New York, USA

2000 | TV-OM | Villas Art Gallery | Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Group exhibitions

2013 | In Search of the Lost Sacred | [sas] Gallery | Montreal, Canada

2012 | Revelation-Revolution | Borusan Music House | Istanbul, Turkey

2008 | Tactile Visions | [sas] Gallery | Montreal, Canada

2008 | Small is beautiful | [sas] Gallery | Montreal, Canada

2007 | Montreal Paper Art Fair | [sas] Gallery | Montreal, Canada

2006 | Collaboration with Harcourt Studios, Maison Blanche | Paris, France

2006 | ST-ART, European Contemporary Art Fair | [sas] Gallery | Strasbourg, France

2005 | Exhibition with fashion designer Jordan Betten (Lost-art) | New York, USA

2004 | L’anatomie des sens | Xavier Séquier Gallery | Paris, France

Murals and public art

2015 | Templo de la Libertad, with Alejandro Argumedo | Plaza Santo Domingo, Mexico City, Mexico

2015 | Circo de los Niños | San Pancho, Mexico

2014 | Public Art Installation |  Quito, Ecuador

2013 | Museum of Sustainability | Sao Paulo, Brazil

2013 | Rivières-des-Prairies | Montreal, Canada

2012 | Outdoor Mural with children in Favela Aleman | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2012 | Wynwood, Miami, USA

2011 | Parc-Extension | Montreal, Canada

2011 | Art dans la Cité | Paris, France

2011 | Restaurant Tatami | Montreal, Canada

2011 | Restaurant Delmo | Montreal, Canada

2010 | Private commissions | Alto Paraiso, Brazil

2008 | Plateau Mt-Royal | Montreal, Canada

2008 | Quartier latin | Montreal, Canada

2007 | Festival Luminato | Toronto, Canada

Live Paintings and Installations

2013-2015 | Fundraisers | Montreal, Canada

2010 | La Pièta Fundraiser | Montreal, Canada

2010 | Borusan Music & Art House | Istanbul, Turkey

2008 | Montreal Museum of Fine Arts | Montreal, Canada

2006 | Caravan of Light. Film launch | Milk Gallery | New York, USA

2006 | Passage de Retz | Paris, France

2006 | Festival Rock-en-Seine |  Paris, France

2005 | Nuit Blanche | Montreal, Canada

2004 | Les constellations inversées, Nuit blanche | Xavier Séquier Gallery | Paris, France

2004 | 70th Birthday of Harcourt photostudio, L’éclaireur | Paris, France

2003-2005 | ZUMANITY and KÀ Opening Galas | Cirque du Soleil | Las Vegas, USA

2001-2005 | Cirque du Soleil, opening galas | North America and Europe

1998 | Museum of Contemporary Art | Montreal, Canada

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