Fusca, Sanez and Isauro Huizar

October 9 de octubre – November 6, 2014

The visual overture presented by these three artists from the northern part of Mexico uses various means for reality to be crossed by the unknown. Fusca, Sanez and Isauro Huizar develop individual and collective creativity through the element, the notion of paint and the physical environment beyond representation.

This exhibition invites us to understand the object as a sense that is materialized, transformed by a person to occupy a space in the universe, and consequently turned into an element.

The artists intervene not only on immediate, tangible objects, but on the fleeting and incorporeal space of the gallery that is not limited by pedestals or frames.

At present, the word “object” has been popularized and used to define everything manufactured by humans, diminishing the importance of its essence. This time around, the artists appeal to the way the object makes sense to our humanity, and how we, in turn,  do the same for it, becoming an indispensable element. The object is of great value to anyone’s life: it is a companion, a projection and a support in constant innovation, which is the starting point for the artists’ creations.

The artworks slowly reveal themselves to the spectator; the objects begin to transform into elements that take shape and evident their nature to the public. The artists redefine the meaning of elements, eliminating the routine nature we have attributed to them; they spring from inspiration and materialize here today into tangible, soulful pieces.


puerta fusca





About the artists


In her field of work, Fusca (Culiacán | Mexico, 1977) explores moments and situations where man faces the unknown and is forced to experiment with himself differently than usual.

Her artwork emerges from a genuine encounter with the other and within the context of someone’s emotions and experiences, which are symbolically transformed into something inanimate that appears in the exhibition space as a metaphor, looking for someone to give it a true meaning.

(Video by Paco Ambulante)


Fabián Calderón “Sanez” (Monterrey | Mexico, 1986) has worked in various collectives intervening walls and representing prehispanic themese and iconography from Mexico’s Northern region. His artistic production can be defined as an abstract composition between figurative pre Hispanic elements and symbols adding pre Hispanic glyphs with different colors, creating geometric figures based on simple lines. Some of his collaborations have been exhibited in Coahuila, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Nayarit, Monterrey and Oaxaca.

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