Augustine Kofie, Christiaan Conradie, 3TTMAN, Isauro Huizar, Fusca, Sanez, JAZ, Sten Lex, Smithe, Tellaeche and L3Sup3rD3mon

June 25 – July 26, 2015

On May 8th 2014, Celaya Brothers Gallery opened the doors of what would be the first of its four locations: 194 Zacatecas Street, in the Roma neighborhood. Augustine Kofie inaugurated this space with his show Yesterday’s Advance | Avances del Ayer, exhibiting ochre, peach, cream and turquoise colored artworks combined with geometric compositions, paper cutouts and recycled materials that captured the experiences of the Californian artist as he strolled through the streets of Condesa and Roma neighborhoods.

The space in Zacatecas was followed by the one in 90 Jalapa Street, where Christiaan Conradie’s emotive pieces – black and white photos intervened with colorful brushstrokes and large format portraits created with stunning realism and finished with open and indefinite strokes. This location also housed the colorful delirium through which 3TTMAN expressed his frustration derived from the awareness of the misery caused by humans and the fact that it is impossible for an isolated individual to prevent it. The gallery closed its cycle in this space with the work of three Mexican artists: Isauro Huizar, Fusca and Sanez, who gathered in Colectiva No.1, presenting the collective show Elemento, Cuerpo y Objeto.

2014 came to an end and with the new year, a new chapter began. The gallery moved once again, this time away from Roma neighborhood and into the Cuauhtemoc neighborhood, to 27 Rio Rhin Street. There, on February 4, Argentine artist, Franco Fasoli JAZ presented his first solo exhibition in Mexico, Choque, where he explored the correlation between Latin American countries through artworks that research and reinterpret our popular customs.

Finally, last May, Celaya Brothers Gallery opened its new location with the first solo show in Mexico of renowned Italian artists Sten Lex. Paesaggi Industriali was composed of meticulous monochromatic pieces that explored different aspects of chaos and order, through free as well as labyrinth structures.

And so, four locations later, in a year filled with challenges, achievements and satisfactions, we get to CUATRO IGUAL A UNO, an exhibition that celebrates both the successes and the difficulties that have consolidated the essence of the gallery. To commemorate this first year, Smithe, Tellaeche and L3Sup3rD3mon join the artists of Celaya Brothers Gallery to exhibit their work at home, in Mérida 241.


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