Curated by Gonzalo Álvarez
February 5 – March 8, 2015

The search for identity is an essential element in JAZ’ work. Through research and interpretation of popular cultures and rituals, the artist unveils points of convergence between the countries of our region, primarily between his native Argentina and Mexico.

Popular rituals, football, masks, violence, inequality and religion are some of the themes that inspire the work he’s presented throughout his career. The human-animal hybrids embody the mix that forms our identity. These fantastic animals created by the artist are messengers of the mythology and legends characteristic of our countries. They spring from our daily existence, our culture and the union between the indigenous and the European.

His pieces evoke emotions and experiences that are part of our daily nature, but that we oftentimes forget when defining our social nature.

In Choque, JAZ exhibits one main aspect: confrontation. Not only a confrontation between the different techniques he uses, but one of ideas, bodies and beliefs. Choque acts as a catalyst to initiate a dialogue that we’ll understand both as individuals as well as a society.

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Franco Fasoli JAZ (Buenos Aires, 1981) has transformed and evolved his style throughout his artistic career using various techniques, but always remained faithful to his defined style. Today, he comfortably shifts from his work in theater set design, graffiti and urban art, t0 his constant exploration of techniques and materials.

His style in large-scale pieces as well as canvas resembles delicate watercolor pieces inspired by concepts with sociopolitical references, popular culture and images of his youth. His pieces are mirror images of metaphoric violence and contextualize their strength, which symmetrically contrasts tension with static and results in a more expressive artwork, allowing him to create a relationship with the viewer.

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Solo exhibitions

2015 |CHOQUE” | Celaya Brothers Gallery, Mexico City

2014 | “Vínculo” | BC Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2014 | “Militancia” | Fiebre Galería, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2013 | “Cult to the Character” | Inoperable Gallery, Vienna, Austria

Group exhibitions

2014 | “Family & Friends” | Yo amo 305, Miami, USA

2014 | “Barroco Mestizo” | Montana Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

2014 | “Latin Explorations | Yves LaRoche Galerie d’Art, Montreal, Canada

2013 | “Mediocre” | Matiënschon, Club Cultural Matienzo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2013  | “The Talking Walls of Buenos Aires” | Washington D.C., USA

2011 | “Fuera de la línea exposición colectiva” | Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Rosario, Rosario, Argentina

2010 | “Intervenciones Urbanas Iberoamericanas” | Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires  (exhibitor and curator), Buenos Aires, Argentina

2010 | Collective Show | Museo Mube, Sao Paulo, Brazil

2009 | “Graffiti Argentina” | Neuro Titanen Galerie, Berlin, Germany

2009 | “Graffiti Argentina” | L’Issue, Paris, France


2015 | Residency with Mamutt | Mexico City

2014 | FORM Publica Art Festival, Perth, Australia

2014 | Bien Urbain Festival, Besancon, France

2014 | Djerbahood Project, Tunisia

2014 | Painted Desert Project, Arizona, USA

2014 | Festival Multiformity, Greece

2013 | Living Walls Atlanta, Atlanta, USA

2013 | Acrylic Walls, South Africa

2013 | Board Dripper, Querétaro, Mexico

2013 | Vatelon Residency, Uruguay

2013 | Muralism Festival, Istanbul, Turkey

2012 | Latir Latino Lima, Lima, Peru

2012 | Open Walls, Baltimore, USA

2012 | Los Muros Hablan, Puerto Rico

2011 | Living Walls Atlanta, Atlanta, USA

2011 | Residency with Mamutt, Mexico City

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