Juan Carlos Coppel

Tucson, Arizona, 1986

Juan Carlos Coppel’s images and sculptures could be linked to the tradition of geographical landscape photography, or the cabinets of naturalist explorers of the seventeenth century, they are actually records of observations and daily work on the transformation of the land. Therefore, his gaze is not only aimed to discover the sublime in the monumentality of the landscape but to warn a critical stance on industrial agronomists processes, which at the same time reveal textures, reticles, and tissues that alter our perception of the natural environment.

His work has been exhibited in Celaya Brothers Gallery (MX), the National Center for the Arts CENART (MX), Sonora Museum of Art MUSAS (MX), the Santa Barbara Museum of Art (USA), among others. He was awarded the Fotoseptiembre Acquisition Prize, the Acquisition Price of the XV Northwest Biennial of Visual Arts. He has participated in art fairs such as Fotoespaña, Guatephoto, Salón Acme and the Biennial of Photography, in Mexico City; and the MIRADAS Tijuana Biennial of Visual Arts, Mexico. He was a member of the 2016-2017 Young Creators Program of the National Fund for Culture and Arts FONCA and the Contemporary Photography Program in Northern Mexico.


PHOTO-2018-08-23-16-17-02 Quema 2-4

Solo exhibitions

2018 | Presencia | Curated by Octavio Avendaño. Celaya Brothers Gallery, Ciudad de México, México

2016 | Peregrino /per-agrare/ hombre que camina por el campo. | Curated by Andrea Torreblanca. Celaya Brothers Gallery. Mexico City, Mexico

Group exhibitions

2018-2019  | Devenir de la Bienal de Artes Visuales del Noroeste. 30 años: presencia y  desplazamiento | Curated by Gabriel Bois. Touring exhibition. Mexico.

2018 | Bodega ACME | Salón Acme No. 6, Mexico City, Mexico

2018 | II Landscape Biennial | Carrillo Gil Museum, Mexico City, Mexico

2017 | 2016-2017 FONCA Young Creators Program | Center of the Arts, San Luis Potosi, Mexico

2017 | Tell Me a Story | Curated by Alejandro Cartagena. Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2017 | II Landscape Biennial | Sonora Museum of Art , Sonora, Mexico

2016-2017 | Fiction in Social Reality—Taiwan/Mexico photographic Art | Curated by Cheng Shao Hung. VT Salon, Taipei, Taiwan

2016 | XVII Biennial of Photography | Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City, Mexico

2016 | Intervención | Nave Dos Quince, Mexico City, Mexico

2016 | Prácticas de Campo | Casa del Lago, Mexico City, Mexico

2016 | Zona Maco Foto | Mexico City, Mexico

2016 | VII National Biennial of Visual Arts MIRADAS | Tijuana, Mexico

2016 | Proyectos Unidos Mexicanos PUM No.2 | Mexico City, Mexico

2016 | Salón Acme No. 4 | Mexico City, Mexico

2016 | XV Biennial of Visual Arts of the Northwest | Antonio López Sánez Gallery, Culiacan, Mexico

2016 | XV Biennial of Visual Arts of the Northwest | Carlos Olachea Gallery, La Paz, Mexico

2016 | XV Biennial of Visual Arts of the Northwest | Cultural Center, Tijuana, Mexico

2015-2016 | Develar y Detonar. Fotografía en México ca. 2015 | Foto México 2015, Centro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico City, Mexico

2015-2016 | Existe lo que tiene nombre | San Francisco, Nuevo México, Denver & other cities in USA

2015-2016 | Looking In. Looking Out. Latin American Photography | Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, California, USA

2015 | Tiempo. Colectiva No.2 | Celaya Brothers Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico

2015 |  XV Biennial of Visual Arts of the Northwest | Sonora Museum of Arts, Hermosillo, Mexico

2015 | Northwest Art Program | Sonora Museum of Arts, Hermosillo, Mexico

2015 | Develar y Detonar. Fotografía en México ca. 2015 | Foto España, Madrid, Spain

2015 | Guatephoto. Festival Internacional de Fotografía | Guatemala City, Guatemala

2014 | Contemporary Photography Program | Sonora Museum of Art, Hermosillo, Mexico

2013 | Constancia. V Exposición Plástica Colectiva | Templo Histórico, Caborca, Mexico

2013 | Delirium | University of Art and Design, Santa Fe, Nuevo Mexico, USA

Awards and mentions

2016 | Young Creators Program | FONCA National Fund for Culture and Arts, Mexico

2016 | Honorific Mention | VII National Biennial of Visual Arts MIRADAS, Tijuana, Mexico

2015 | Acquisition Award | XV Biennial of Visual Arts of the Northwest, Sonora, Mexico

2013 | Honorific Mention | Pro Fundación Kino Auction, Hermosillo, Mexico

2014 | Acquisition Award | Fotoseptiembre, Hermosillo, Mexico


2014 | Photography and Video Summer workshop| ICP, Nueva York, USA

2014 | Contemporary Photography Program | PFC, Hermosillo, Mexico

2013 | Photography workshop with Juan Manuel Abellán | Paris, France

2013 | Photography workshop with Jay Dickman | National Geographic, Tanzania


Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, California, USA

Sonora Museum of Art, Mexico

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