Nuria Mora

Nuria Mora


The public space for Nuria Mora is the support, medium, and concept for her artwork. Through the aesthetic intervention, she reactivates the function and soul of the site. The inspiration for her exterior and interior pieces is the city and the community who inhabits. She creates by working with several materials and techniques, from paper, wood, and glass; to the multimedia, possibilities to express her constant purpose: to claim the human element, the mistake. In each of her projects, she aims to represent her own experiences and impressions of places she has being, where she has worked and interact.

Nuria Mora

Nuria is a committed artist who involucrated with the community and space she works on, although her art goes further from the social commitment because she develops ideas marge from the introspective observation and meditation of the aesthetic concepts. She is an artist who explores the figurative limits of representation and the possibilities of interaction between the art and public.

Nuria Mora

Her artwork has been exhibited in many international galleries and museums, among them are the Tate Modern Art of London, the Miró Foundation in Barcelona, the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation in Mallorca and the Contemporary Art Museum of Johannesburg. Nuria also has worked as an integrant of the collective Equipo Plástico.

Nuria Mora
Solo exhibitions
Group exhibitions

2018 | Wild Style | CEART, Madrid, España

2018 | Placas Tectónicas | Castellana 22, Madrid, España

2017 | Dritish | Curated by Fabiola Naldi. Galleria Patricia Amorcida, Milán, Italia

2016 | Objects in the Mirror are Closer than they Appear  | Winterlong Gallerie, Paris, France

2015 | Mango Chile | Celaya Brothers Gallery, Mexico City

2014 | En la frontera | Astarté Gellery, Madrid, Spain

2014 | Sedimentos | Molinos del Río, Murcia, Spain

2013 | Feria CasaArte | Madrid, Spain

2013 | Punto Volado | Delimbo Art Space, Sevilla, Spain

2012 | Paisaje de fondo | SKL Gallery, Mallorca, Spain

2009 | Mirilla | Turbo Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2006 | Napa Aire LOEWE | Vacío9 Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2006 | Eigenkunstruktion | Artitude, Berlin, Germany

2006 | (x, y, z) | Vacío9 Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2003 | Outside In |  The Arches Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland

2002 | Complémentaires | Vacío9 Gallery, Madrid, Spain

Nuria Mora
Nuria Mora