Mathew Zefeldt

Mathew Zefeldt


His work uses representational imagery as an element within a larger composition. It’s less about what the repeated image represents necessarily, but rather the interplay and relationships of the parts to the whole, and each other— reflecting the pluralist landscape we find ourselves in today. Zefeldt uses images from our life and culture, to reproduce them in an almost lifeless, systematic way.

Mathew Zefeldt

His interest in the aesthetics of digital collage is addressing the multiple visual languages and bringing them together in one plane, creating an overlay of styles and gestures that echo the fragmented, heterogeneous nature of contemporary reality.

Mathew Zefeldt

Mathew Zefeldt is an Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing at the University of Minnesota. He was one of two national recipients of the Dedalus MFA Fellowship in 2011 and was included in New American Paintings Magazine. Zefeldt has had solo shows at The Soap Factory, Minneapolis, USA; Circuit 12, Dallas, USA; The Institute of Art in Minneapolis, USA; the Santa Monica Museum of Art, USA; Good Weather, Little Rock, USA; Hap Gallery, Portland, USA; Michael Rosenthal Gallery, San Francisco, USA, and Swarm Gallery, Oakland, USA. Zefeldt has been part of group exhibitions at Lisa Cooley, New York, USA; Eleanor Harwood, San Francisco, USA; MOHS, Copenhagen, Denmark and Circuit 12, Dallas, USA.

Mathew Zefeldt
Solo exhibitions
Group exhibitions
Awards and Scholaships

2019 | Vistas | CBG, Mexico City, Mexico

2019 | Screen Time | Hair+Nails, Minneapolis, USA

2019 | Customizable Realities | The Hole, New York, USA

2018 | Hunter/Killer | Big Pictures LA, Los Angeles, USA

2016 | Desktop | The Soap Factory, Minneapolis, USA

2016 | Windows | Verge Center for the Arts, Sacramento, USA

2016 | Marble Head From a Herm | Circuit 12 Contemporary, Dallas, USA

2015 | Sunny Awnings | Good Weather Gallery, Little Rock, USA

2014 | Back & Forth: Collaborative Paintings (with Kyle Austin Dunn) | Hap Gallery, Portland, USA

2014 | Repetition, Simulation, Repetition | Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, USA

2013 | Forms Forming Forms | Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, USA

2013 | What Are I? | Swarm Gallery, Oakland, USA

2012 | Trying to See the Thing in My Head | Michael Rosenthal Gallery, San Francisco, USA

2010 | An Alternate Fantastic Reality | Skinner Howard Contemporary Art, Sacramento, USA

Mathew Zefeldt
Mathew Zefeldt