Josh Reames

Josh Reames


Josh Reames’ paintings use contemporary tools available on the Internet to create surreal patchworks of contemporary signs and symbols that portray the flattening of artistic hierarchies in our postmodern world. Reames employs computer drawing applications and Google images to create assemblages of “modern hieroglyphs.” His work considers abstraction and painting in relation to the Internet and is informed by the strange, new space where a majority of viewership takes place: online through blogs and websites.

Josh Reames

In his paintings, depth, dimension, and the artist’s hand are typically lost in translation from object to image, allowing the information to exist as it would appear on a digital screen. His conceptual framework functions as a kind of filtration device for cultural byproducts and its attending relativism, flattening signs, text and symbols, cultural objects and icons to the same-level composition, thereby removing their hierarchy.

Josh Reames

Reames’ work has been exhibited at The Hole, New York, USA; Johannes Vogt, New York, USA; Luis de Jesus, Los Angeles, USA; Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago, USA; Josh Lilley Gallery, London, UK; Brand New Gallery, Milan, Italy; Annarumma Gallery, Naples, Italy; Dittrich & Schlechtriem, Berlin, Germany, and Koenig Galerie, Berlin, Germany. He lives and works in Brooklyn.

Josh Reames
Solo exhibitions
Group exhibitions (selection)
Awards and Scholarships

2017 | Don’t cross streams while trading horses | Luis de Jesus, Los Angeles, USA

2017 | the ants are my friends, and they’re blowin’ in the wind | Jacob Lewis Gallery. New York, USA

2017 | texting while driving | Bill Brady Gallery, Miami, USA

2016 | Wet & Wild | Brand New Gallery, Milan, Italy

2016 | Josh Reames + Jose Lerma | Luis de Jesus, Los Angeles, USA

2016 | Trash Day | Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago, USA

2015 | poise in the noise | Josh Lilley Gallery, London, UK

2014 | AU NATUREL | Annarumma Gallery, Naples, Italy

2014 | #PAINTING | Luis de Jesus, Los Angeles, USA

2013 | Tripper | Circuit 12 Contemporary, Dallas, USA

2013 | AND | Union League Club, Chicago, USA

2009 | Mendeleevian Spectre | Ft. Worth Community Art Center, Ft. Worth, USA

2009 | Anti-Matter | Darke Gallery, Houston, USA

Josh Reames
Josh Reames