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Celaya Brothers Gallery (CBG) is a unique space that challenges the creative limits of the artists participating in it. CBG is a contemporary art gallery with a proactive offer that invites national and international artists to develop unique concepts and to defy the parameters of their time.

We also offer consulting services to those who want to start a collection or expand an existing one, accompanying them throughout the complete process of acquisition of artworks, from planning and strategy to delivery and mounting. We prepare a strategy based on the particular preferences of each customer, taking into consideration their aesthetic tastes and financial objectives, in order to meet their goals. If the customer has an existing collection, an analysis is performed to ensure the continuity of its curatorial line.

If you are interested in investing in art or curating a space – residential or commercial – we help you with the process. Our team of experts will provide the best options.



We work with a group of art experts to ensure the success and quality of all of our customer’s needs. Our services extend to all the aspects that encompass buying a work of art. CBG offers:

  • A strong agenda of national and international artists.
  • Private visits to artists’ studios, fairs and exhibitions in our gallery.
  • An annual calendar of the major art events around the world, as well as coordinating trips to attend them.
  • Curatorial support to form a coherent collection, designed around a theme, artist or group of artists, considering the style of each collector, the space they have and the image they want to project.
  • Professional research on the physical and economic status of the pieces in the collection, as well as future potential purchases: authenticity, valuation, conservation, etc.
  • Administrative advice for the creation of an annual budget and personal representation for private negotiations and/or auctions.
  • Collaboration with architects, interior designers, graphic designers and technicians in installation, marquetry and lightning, as well as transportation services, shipping and packaging.


We offer curatorial services to form private collections as well as for companies and/or institutions, through a thorough interpretation of their vision and mission statement. We also integrate contemporary art in hotels, shops and restaurants. Our job is to offer a personalized strategy to strengthen the image and identity of the company through its art collection.


Derived from the high volatility and a lower than expected performance in generating returns over the past 30 years by investments in traditional assets, acquiring art has been positioned as a highly attractive option for investors, due to its low volatility and apparent strength as shown in the information available on art sales. In other words, experience tells us that there are very few cases where the value of a piece does not increase over time, and much less decrease.

The value of an artwork and therefore the success of the investment, depends on a meticulous choice of the acquired pieces, considering factors such as positioning and evolution of the artist, innovation in technique and style, the approximate market value of similar pieces, and the perception of the art world of the selected artworks. This becomes even more important in the contemporary art market, where the value of the artwork has not yet been acquired over time.

Finally, the investor should not consider artworks individually but as a complement to the collection. A coherent and structured collection can ultimately achieve a significant increase in investment value.

CBG offers a wide selection of high-quality artworks that stand for great investment opportunities while ensuring absolute confidentiality in the transactions.

Contact us:

(55) 6391-5541

Contact us:

(55) 6391-5541

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